Lyrics to E Ala E
E Ala E Video:
We, the voices behind the face, of the hawaiian nation, the hawaiian race rise for justice the day has come for all our people to stand as one, e ala e, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ, e ala e, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ, (repeat the first verse) Chorus: e ala e, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ, e ala e, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ, e huli i ka ho'i i ka pâkini alamihi gone are the days of the alamihi* ways e kiko i ka piko o ka mana o ka po'e the power of the people is the piko* `o ka piko ke aloha o ka 'âina, o ka 'âina We the warriors born to live on what the land and sea can give defend our birthright to be free give our children liberty, (repeat chorus) (repeat verse 2). E ala e, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ , e ala e (repeated several times...)

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