Dyson Sphere - IV. Sol Omega Lyrics


The Malkuth Grimoire

Lyrics to Dyson Sphere - IV. Sol Omega
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Sol Omega
Now all is one
Centaurus and Vega
Let's join the Alpha party
Sol Omega
The seeding has begun

Nurtured on boundless power
Event horizons dawn
There's more stars to devour
Mite to raptor, we must spawn

Sol Omega
Let's get the fuck out of here
Sol Omega
Let's get out of everywhere

Thrusters flow, star in tow
Plasma grows where lasers nestle
Iron rolls to the poles
The Dyson shell becomes a vessel

Our deceased
Have been a gambit
Greatly increased the swarm's
Ancient ambit

This orbit
Grows morbid
All gather!

One last convulsion
Every stratum now striatum

We have propulsion
We have embarked

Sol Omega
The God Atom
Sol Omega
Genesis Ark

The God Atom
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