Dyin' For Tonight Lyrics

Whiskey Myers

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Lyrics to Dyin' For Tonight
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Starlight, satin sheets are gone
Looks like I'm back where I belong
Washed all your tears away like a cold, cold rain
All that's left is the numbness, drowned all the pain

So just lay me down
And kiss me to sleep
And if I'm going in the ground, better nail that pine box down
and dig that hole real deep
So just lay me down
and kiss me goodnight
and midnight wonders on and she stored away my soul
in the morning light in this cold and lonely life

Sunlight, never gonna grace my eyes
My life has been right between the lines
They call me a dreamer, now the dreams are all gone
And the cards that I was holding, didn't last me too long


Sometimes goodbye feels so right
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