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Mr. Vegas

Damn Right

Lyrics to Duppy Durex
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Mi seh mi love sex and if mi nuh get it mi wi vex
but mi nah ride without mi durex
a aids test woman a dat mi request
cause mi nah ride without mi durex


Verse 1:
Gal coulda pretty pretty pretty like a lilly
one ting mi know seh dat mi nah be silly
coulda even tusty like a young billy
even a scandal bag pon mi willy
gal come a gi mi gi mi fi mi kill it
gal from miami and gal from philly
through mi nuh waan fi drop out like jimmy
mi nah skinny dippy dippy nah skinny dippy


Verse 2:
Yu nuh si seh aids a guh round like flu
know bout mi but mi nuh know bout you
caan walk through fire wid out nuh shoe
ketch it caan find nuh cure weh yu ago do
just wah day mi guh check angella
gal a tell mi seh shi waan mi do it without di rubber
seh shi waan feel it natural as ever
but if shi tell every man dat shi coulda be a carrier


Verse 3:
Pure hotty hotty gal dat mi request
gal from north and south east and west
go a gal college and pass mi gal test
but mi nah walk naked through di black forest
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