Dumbmarket Travesty Lyrics

House Boat

The Delaware Octopus

Lyrics to Dumbmarket Travesty
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I think I'm treading water
I think you've got my number
I know I'm out of order
You know I'm just another adolescent retard in disguise
This fucking box delivers response to bust signals
Does this shit go forever
It happens every single time and I am sick to death of time
I've stayed awake, I stood up straight, there's no debate
This night is just another disaster, another unruly disaster
And it's a shame, but who's to blame
No one's to blame
Everything is just a fucking shame

And I still feel like I am running out of time
But i don't care so I am getting back in line
Carbon fucking copy, line for fucking line
Sending ???, defeat, retreat, better luck next time
I wrote this story so I know how it ends
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