Lyrics to Dud
Dud Video:
Oh my friend you were beaten again
By a baseball cap in the school field
You left at fifteen, kicked the wind with your feet
And your summer soles were left with whipped cream
And you kept your sick lizards in a shoebox you found
And doctored them until they gave out
You said it's a rough place to go but your face didn't show it
As we put the box into the ground
Maybe there's a song in it

Your father's lawsuit almost cost him the house
So you left your home without his name
Pulled up some favours from barely seen strangers
And grew some new branches on your tree
Oh the days slip through fingers and no money is ripe
And your old teeth split seams in the night
Sifting through puzzles left jagged each piece
Maybe there's a heart in this dream

It comes with the freedom we pretend we know
Days ahum, days ahum, fading free
Its foggy, it blows down each fork in the road
Let the coin choose the move in your feet
And you'll sleep desperately about once every week
And eat little or nothing for food
And you don't leave the room, you say the papers they prove
That the ground is only there to be removed
Oh the ground is only there to be removed

You're in danger
Grave danger
Turn on the light before you start to disappear

I hear some things
You won't come to heal
Born in a cell
Dad's armed robbery
I pray to think one day you'll be free
Oh free, free, get free.
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