Lyrics to Ducks Fly Together
Ducks Fly Together Video:
I got dry blood caked on my feet
I got dye and dirt all over me
I got twelve bucks, got ciggies
But I've had good luck and I'm happy
You woke me up before your plane left
I helped you find your stuff, you kissed my forehead
We trashed my room, broke my bed
But I've had good luck and I'm happy.

And I miss you but it feels good this way
Let's fall in love somewhere that you'll wanna stay
I miss you but it's nice for a change and
You can always stay.

And we're as happy as ducks in a storm drain
Somewhere off Dynon Road swimming in the rain
You asked me if I was self-conscious
I said ‘Of course I am,' you took my clothes off.
And I was so scared to talk to your friends
Pretended that I was a real person
Trying to remember names, smiling and nodding
But I couldn't kick the grin from when you'd gone and kissed me quickly in the kitchen.
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