Lyrics to Dry County
Dry County Video:
It's one of those lazy days

I've got nothing to do

Let the wind blow round my head

Let a cloud be my bed

When the blues whomp you up on the side of the head

Throw 'em to the floor and kick 'em out the door

When the blues kick you in the head

And you roll out of bed in the morning

Just sit on the porch and swing

Sit on the porch and swing

The heat of the day's got me in a haze

Those lazy days of summer are here


Just let the breezes flow,

Through your mind,

I feel so fine


Here come the girls up the road

What they want to do they can't do

Cause it's a... Dry County

KicKing stones and laughing low

Nowhere to go. It's a dry, dry, such a dry, dry,

Dust devils blowing in your hair but what do you care

When there's nowhere to go

It's a dry, dry, county
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