Drunken kitchen kisses Lyrics

The Destroyed Room

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Lyrics to Drunken kitchen kisses
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I don't think I'll ever love again
after all those crazy times that we spent
Cloudy days and kisses by the railway
the corners of our town had never been so beautiful

I don't think I'll ever forget that day
when our bodies finally melted away
Drunken kitchen kisses, expectations were increasing
in that room there was a music from the last film that amused me
and I took your hand and right there I knew that all was gonna change for good

I don't think you understand
that all that matters in the end
are all those tiny pieces of your past
that challenge time in the worst moments of your life

I cannot forget that freezing night
in the beach, some miles away from our town,
we missed our friends and the stars were falling down,
and I could not hear the sound of waves, the sound of pain, the sound of fear, the loneliness, the passing of time, the planes above, the people I loved, the books I'd read, the songs I'd wrote

Coz there was you and nothing mattered
more than being part of your hours
than being the biggest piece in your nights
and challenge time in the worst moments of our lifes
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