Drunk And Broke Lyrics

Tanka Ray

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Lyrics to Drunk And Broke
Drunk And Broke Video:
Well it's a hard knock city..it's a dirty old town
And my feet are having trouble keeping my face off the ground
And I am so damn drunk that I'm sober again
And as I hit the floor the room starts to spin

CH: My concience said, "Yer not so tough
and I'll tell you right now if you don't stand up
We're doomed....." (x2)

Well I don't like work and I hated my schools
So I lived my life by my own set of rules
But it's a catch 22..and so I abide
I slave for the money (I'm a slave to the money)
But that money it puts the liquor by my side

CHORUS x2 and some more stuff...
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