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The Pain Inside

Lyrics to Drug Free Youth
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Straight Edge it means, it means so much to me. It's being someone I know is truely me. Don't need that beer to free my mind, drug free youth 'til the end of time but, I can't say that much for you cause life's always to you, in the end we'll see who laughs, when I succeed and you stay back

Life's a game that I strive to win, always try. Failure's only a state in your mind. A state of loss in your mind. But I, I won't stop trying

I'll always keep in touch, never walk on that crutch cause I'm DRUG FREE YOUTH!

I'll always be the same, never play your games cause I'm DRUG FREE YOUTH!

Under your verbal attack. But I refuse to crack. Peer pressure from the positive side. Life's clearer through my eyes. It may not be what you want to hear, I speak for myself I don't aim to please you!
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