Lyrics to Drowning
Drowning Video:
Everything is so complex
Every day is like a test full of obstacles,
that seem almost impossible
And I'm thinking just another breath
Not a minute left
How long have I been drifting
Pas the glass pipe
Hit the flashlight
Now break it
People say I'm a star but I still think I'll never make it
And I'm thinking just another prayer
Not a second left
I feel there's something missing

Sometimes I hate that chaos that surrounds me
When all the answer that I see are around me
Am I drowning
Am I fading away
Or am I living up to all your dreams that made me this way
Am I drowning
Am I drowning
Am I drowning

I've been to hell and back looking for the answers to life
Looking at myself trying to get things right
And I'm feeling just another breath
Not a minute left
I fel the darkness lifting
There was a time that I questioned if I'd ever be alright
Running getting high staying trapped by sleepless nights
And I'm thinking, Just another breath.
Not a minute left. I feel there's something missing.

I'm running from myself and all the things I don't like.
Living everynight like it's the last night.

And I'm thinking. Just another prayer.
Not a second left. I need to stop resisting.


Drowning in the drama, lost in the lies
Trapped by the currents of life, caught in the riptide.
Am I drowning?

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