Drowning (Hangar No. 9 Pt. 3) Lyrics

Matt Olsson

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Lyrics to Drowning (Hangar No. 9 Pt. 3)
Drowning (Hangar No. 9 Pt. 3) Video:
"Love is fickle, love, it's a funny thing. You believe the words to the song, 'cept when it's your turn to sing. Love it's a funny thing.

Days go by, days, these days are long enough. What with your constant fuss, crying eyes and baby stuff. These days are long enough. Get to the point, I know your broken heart, must be aching and oh my dear, tell me from the start, I care so much about your broken heart.

Like someone did you wrong, like you didn't know the rules of the game. Like someone let you drown, like you're incapable of the same. Like you're something special, like you're some great gift, a heavenly blessing, oh you're full of it.

We met in a gunfight and that was your first sign, maybe things weren't as they seem. Alive, unscathed, you were completely fine, that was your first sign. That you were alive, unscathed and completely fine, was your first sign."
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