Lyrics to Drowned Out
Switching lanes like you always do
You say everything except the truth
Switching lanes, never follow through
So try to convince me why I should believe you

Let's take it back to a year
When you expected me to let go

We’re hanging on by a thread
We’re losing ground
And we can’t see
How everything’s falling apart around us
We need some space
Between us

Are you happy with who you are?
The things you did might’ve left a scar
But we can call it a truce
Cause I won’t forget you whichever way you choose

Time is escaping
My hands they are breaking from holding on
Along with every thought of mine
You’ll be drowned out

Bend me ’til I’m broken
And watch my world fall apart
And my troubled mind is showing signs
That I am numb and need to stand on my own

I will keep on struggling and struggling with problems in my head
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