Lyrics to Drover's Call
Drover's Call Video:
I'm going to have a rough night again he said
Then he coughed and spluttered and raised his eyes above his head
See that falling star in the sky go by
Probably just an old horse
Checking out the drovers camp tonight, too right

Camooweal the drovers call
That's what were all here for
And I wont miss a year
Saddle up your horse and gear
It's like droving's not over at all

His body tired but restless still fighting for some fun
His stories very vivid, but now his droving days are done
Will he soon be riding with his horse in the sky?
Trailing restless cattle
That had rushed in the night, too right

Repeat Chorus

Till next year mate
We'll sit out here beneath a starry night
And we'll talk about the days gone by
And watch for Clary's shining light

Repeat Chorus

Oh and I wont miss a year
And when that falling star appears
We'll know droving's not over at all
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