Lyrics to Drop It Remix
Drop It Remix Video:
Uh [laugh] Werdos
Spitting spiting
Spitting hot fire flow like liquid call it lava
Still underground so really you call it magma
Destroying tracks like we are trying to crash trains
John Doe's in the game a want a name
Am the only one kid
Like Chinese law
The only one son
Fuck the stars and aw
Metaphors a stick to these like sticks stick to trees
I rap with eackys cause I do it with ease
So please class me as at least a tight writer
Sliding back and forth on lines like typewriters
You get it? Yeah am that and nicer
Bring dope rhymes that O.D. the first timers
On my grind to get green like my grinder
Since back in the day having ciphers on cider
We're liver no wonder your pissed off
I could'ntgive a fuck like I cut my dick off


Werd n Deek
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