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Jr. Gone Wild

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Lyrics to Drivin' thru texas
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Drivin' Thru Texas (D. Lawson)

I'm so sick of the games you're playing

with my mind, Is it just some kind of joke

you don't have any dignity within yourself

it's locked away...

And I'll have no more of this

cos you're just a big mistake

and you'll never understand

the truth that lies within

You have no morals, you have no sense

or pride so there's no sense in trying

to make you see the light in days ahead

cos it's just a dead end...


Where is the key to your heart

Was one ever made and where

is the love you have faked have you

hid it again????

And as the morning comes and a new

day just begins, have you made plans

for your hate and spite throughout the night?

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