Lyrics to Driver
Driver Video:
Driver What's left for you, when you can't find nothing special?
You dream 'cause you know what you're looking for
What's left for you, what's left for you to live for?

As you're floating in limbo sunken feeling nothing blowing around in the wind
Life is a game a lot of people lose because they don't roll their dice enough times to get it down right
So why do you bother?
So what are your chances?
Of ever hitting jackpot
Living alone is like dying alive your body shakes although you still feel still
Pain is nothing it's not the right kind your head spins inside out and close friends get red on their hands

I want to live
I want to live
I want to live
I want to live 'cause I can't take floating around anymore

So now you're trapped going nowhere on a ride you're already tried with your feet down and dragging low
I've seen people turn into dead weight when life gets so hard you got to push everything against the wind
Knocked down by a barrier that caught ya before you got the satisfaction of having a smile for a while
It seems like everybody's out to hurt you and you don't know who you are
How can you think you know what you really want when often times you think about opposite ways of life for yourself?
Giving up hopes for simplicity, living out dreams and nightmares when the easy way seems right there
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