Lyrics to Drive Me Home
Drive Me Home Video:
Your first breath was your last
And you're trying to stand on your own
The whole of your life has been so unkind
Buried down deep inside, an unholy reminder of pain
Like a shard of glass within your soul

And I believe that there was something deeper that you didn't show
An unspoken fear that you felt you had to hold onto
And I believe that there was something darker that you didn't let on
In the end you were running from yourself

Can you hear me calling you from beyond?
Will you drive me home?
I'm feeling very numb
You can take it all away
But I'll always be your friend
Are you driving in circles
Or are you driving me to my end?

You stand at the start and you're dying to reach the end
Time feels like it's standing still
And you feel so alone and you're searching for someone to say
"Love can only go so far"
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