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Lyrics to Drink Wit Us
Drink Wit Us Video:
Yeah, Alkaholiks!
J-Ro, Tash, E-Swift
That's right
We're not done
Uh-uh, c'mon
Ain't it drunk

King, Tee, he drink wit us
Defari, he drink wit us
The Loot-pack, they drink wit us
The homey Stylistic he drink wit us
Wolf-pack, they drink wit us
J. Wells, he drink wit us
KRS-One, he drink wit us
[Tash] Makin funky music is a must
[Liks] WE'RE NOT DONE! [echoes]
[Liks] WE'RE NOT DONE! [echoes]

First of all, my rhymes be hurtin y'all
Try to step up, you be the first fo fall
I've been lovin Iceman, ever since I seen George Gervin ball
You so broken when you die yo', hearse'll stall
So weak you probably the worst of all
Bullshit MC's I motherfuckin curse 'em all
Like my Nikes white like them birds that don't even chirp at all
Alkaholiks nurture y'all, hip-hop babies, burpin y'all
I'm on my motherfuckin thousandth curtain call
Won't go pop, but I burst the ball, I crash the party
When you hear J-Ro hit the earth and crawl
Call me J-O-B cause I'm workin y'all
I'm workin y'all, I ain't unemployed I got my hustle up
Y'all funny style niggaz got me bustin up
Hehehe, yeah, yo

DJ Pooh, he drink wit us
Ice-T, he drink wit us
Busta Rhymes, he drink wit us
De La Soul, they drink wit us
Tribe Called Quest, they drink wit us
Fish-bone, they drink wit us
The Def-tones, they drink wit us
Hieroglyphics, they drink wit us
[Liks] WE'RE NOT DONE! [echoes]

We steppin out hotta dis year
99 bottles and tall can beers
Cheers from the crowd for at least 10 years
Yup, see how it sound when it's bangin in ya ear
E-Swift is here, I love to steer
my big body Coupe from here to there
I grab a beer, but not in the ride
I pull up to the club and I drink outside
You all remember me, dropped "Make Room"
in 1993, the rest is history
Y'all niggaz a mystery, Hardy Boys
Y'all fuckin with the original party boys
Everybody make noise, get rowdy rowdy
Throw elbows if it's overcrowded
Lean back, Tha Liks 'bout to do our thang
If we don't come back we goin out with a bang

Wu-Tang, they drink wit us
The Beat-nuts, they drink wit us
Snoop, Dogg, he drink wit us
Westside Connection they drink wit us
Diamond D, he drink wit us
The Nep-tunes, they drink wit us
E-40 from the Yea, he drink wit us
Too $hort, he drink wit us (WE'RE NOT DONE)
Channel, Live, they smoke wit us
Cypress, Hill, they smoke wit us (WE'RE NOT DONE)
Red-man, he smoke wit us
The Phar-cyde, they smoke wit us
Kurupt Young Gotti, he drink wit us
Daz Dillinger, he drink wit us
[Liks] WE'RE NOT DONE! [echoes]

Uhh, I like it like this
If you over 21 show me that band on yo' wrist
Cause that band on your hand mean we can twist like Chubby Checker
Blunt so fat you'll need a pyrotech' to get it lit
Yeah, this the way that West coast rock shit
I'm the pilot in the plane, drinkin beer in the cockpit
With three thick dames I party like Rick James
My name is Tash nigga, Rico Swift's my nickname
It's fascinatin, I know y'all niggaz thought
Tha Liks was procrastinatin, but we was crashin Porsches
See niggaz on the way up, see 'em on the way down
That's why our four tour buses hit more cities than Greyhound
Hip-hip hooray, Tha Liks is on the way
I'm like the homey that drops by, and stays all day
We stay funky fresh Tha Liks sip the best
The only nigga we ain't sip wit is Kanye West
And he next, hahahaha
Let's do it!

X to the Z, he drink wit us
My niggaz Mobb Deep, drink wit us
My nigga Icarus, drink wit us
My nigga Layzie Bone, drink wit us
My homey Mixey Slick, drink wit us
Ol' Dirty Bastard drink wit us
My homies OutKast, they drink wit us
Makin funky music is a must (WE'RE NOT)
The homey Eminem, he drinks wit us
Them crazy niggaz D-12, they drink wit us
My nigga Bad Azz, he drink wit us
Makin funky music is a must
My nigga Ludacris, he drinks wit us
Nasty Nas nigga he drinks wit us

Biggie, Smalls, he drink wit us
Tu-pac, he drink wit us
Eazy-E, he drink wit us
Big L, he drink wit us
Trouble T-Roy, he drink wit us
MC Trouble, she drink wit us
Big Pun, he drink wit us
(Jam Master Jay) he drink wit us
[Liks] WE'RE NOT DONE! [echoes]
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