Drenched In Gasoline Lyrics

Putrid Pile

Collection Of Butchery

Lyrics to Drenched In Gasoline
Drenched In Gasoline Video:
Stalking you
Knowing your every move from the start
Solid, are my plans from the notes i keep of you
Soon you'll be with me my love
Never to return again
Rotting, mine forever more
Can't you see, that we were ment to be
Your all alone, i creep up to your doorstep
No one sees me waiting patiently
For you to answer the doorbell
And except my surprise, traumatize
Bash the fucking teeth out of your mouth
Scratch and claw as if i mind the pain
Take you to the basement where i'll
Carry out my plans, your slow death
Drenched in gasoline
Now you'll-pay
Now you'll-suffer
Burning stench of flesh
Burn in hell [4x]
Kick to the face, put out the fire with my
Custom baseball bat
Wrapped up in barbed wire, rusted and weathered
From the resident before fucking your crispy corpse
Abstinence in life, but not in death
Battered, burned, and lifeless your reality
Bur n in hell [8x]
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