Lyrics to Dreidel
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(McLean)I feel like a spinnin'top or a dreidelThe spinnin' don't stop when you leave the cradleYou just slow down'Round and around this world you goSpinnin' through the lives of the people you knowWe all slow downHow you gonna keep on turnin' from day to day?How you gonna keep from turnin' your life away?No days you can borrow, no time you can buy,No trust in tomorrow, it's a lieAnd I feel like I'm a dippin' and a divin'My sky shoes are spiked with lead heelsI'm lost in this star I'm a drivin'But my air soul keeps pushni' big wheelsMy world is a constant confusionMy mind is prepared to attackMy past, a persuasive illusionI'm watchin' the future it's blackWhat do you know? You know just what you perceiveWhat can you show? Nothing of what you believeAnd as you grow, each thread of life that you leaveWill spin around your deeds and dictate your needsAs you sell your soul and you sow your seedsAnd you wound yourself and your loved one bleedsAnd your habits grow and your conscience feedsOn all that you thought you should beI never thought this could happen to me

Songwriters: MCLEAN, DON
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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