Lyrics to Dreams
Dreams Video:
Taking the time for dreams
Off to waste the day
Rushing headlong, yeh
Nothing is what it seems
Only just a word that was said wrong
Taking the time for dreams
Feeling lazy

And you know there ain't as many
As there was a while ago
I said there isn't any
Going down slow
Start to feel the load
When they don't care

No, worry your days away
What's the hurry when you're travelling down the road?
Going nowhere
Travelling down the road

'Cause the woman drives me crazy
And she can't be bought with money
Yes, an' she's easy on my mind
She thinks my jokes are funny
Makes me feel fine
Yes she does now
Keeps me alive
Just because now, she makes me feel fine

Well if you can
Try to teach them things
That they don't know
Yeh, give them a helping hand
Make them see the things there that don't show
Give them a helping hand
'Cause we're wasting time
And no matter what they say now
Well we don't have very long

Just a dream away
You can come along
Allright, allright now
She makes me feel fine
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