Lyrics to Dreamin'
Dreamin' Video:

I've tried everything to find you
And you finally came to me
I knew that is starts with a lie
Cause just like the air I need it you to be


Someone who understands
Sometimes I get busy I know that you miss me
There is a lot ..I know it ain't easy
That's why I must be dreaming
I never thought that love could be this god
That's why I must be dreaming
I would hold up forever if I could
Wake me up .. need the .. to go slow
I know I must be dreaming

I came home after work and she is waiting
Never had another girl be so patient
She knows it's good for us when I am out there
Working for provide for her
And when i get back I give her what she needs

Please don't ever wake me up
I am dreaming
Every day the moon is up
I am dreaming

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