Lyrics to Dream Girl
Dream Girl Video:
Although she's always been an ordinary girl

She thinks she's someone special now

She thinks she rules the world

Fame and fortune is

All she can think about

She thinks she is the centerpoint

Where all thinks move around


Now she's on her way

She wanna be known someday

She gave it all up for this chance

Her mind is made up now

She's gonna be a star somehow

She wants to sign her autograph

Sick and tired of her ordinary life

It's time to change her attitude

So she'll be recognized

Living life inside her head

Where she's the superstar

She makes her own reality

Where things are not as hard


He's taking her out tonight, diner for two and the

Candles are shining brighter than ever before

Willing to share her body for a time or ten

Is she going to achieve her dream?

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