Lyrics to Dre Day
Dre Day Video:
World Class
Since Wreckin' Cru
Cause my resume say "Wreckin' Crews"
Cut all my records like the best to do it
Destined to
Dress for the music so I could step to it
Ya, no one does it better as I step to her
Lex Lugers through your smoke and mirrors I appear miraculous
Emotions clear, my devotion matters
I clap rappers like awards-show writers
Whats the doors of your Viper to the thoughts of a Christler
Opportunity knocks on the window of my Limo and offendin'
Trying to give advice how I could get on
Nigga, you couldn't picture the soundscapes I spit on
I'll do it for you
Aluminum foil for sitcoms
Have rap wrapped like Reynolds
For rentals and continentals
On Centinela posted like a Sentinel with seven yellers
Kiss Ladera on my way to work
Skip church
Twisted up the earth in a new shirt

Ya, Dre day
Dre day
Dre day
Uh, and did I mention chronic?

Was sick, went through Bubonics
If you through with knowledge
No comment
The Lakers beat the Supersonics
Straight Ebonics
If you want to call it alcoholic
Found my wallet
Next thing you know I'm found on Slauson
Talking all them prices down before I take a shot of Sunset
We couldn't crush, we wasn't one yet
If the ones wasn't huggin' my block, cuffin' my knots
I could pull out my charriot, stop and just ride
Uh, for all the bitches and the hoes and tricks
Ya, we brought it back so you don't forget
Dre day
Uh, Dre day
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