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Lyrics to Drawn In Quarters
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Welcome to hell life with open eyes
nails driven in with each cursed site
illumination exacts a painful price
the less I have, the more I know
cliches never rang so true
there are daggers in the smiles of the men who build this world

and I have reached the threshold of despair
a pebble in the sea, why do I fucking care?
through all my screams for change, all I've found is pain
I long to slit the throats of those who choose to choke

to walk among the fallen angels and their long forgotten plans
to stand entirely alone
filled with purpose and desire, unlike those human shells
even angels must endure their own hidden hells

so we push on through the devastation
complacently as slaves to our creation
why would you run in place if you could set the pace?
it's time to slit the throats of those who choose to choke...

bound by human nature
our minds tied to the human world
can we not see the madness unfurled?
drawn in quarters, torn between life and death, love and hate
to die in slavery or rise and break the chains

face the flames
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