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Lyrics to Dragons Burning (Starspace Mix)
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The pass in silence, under light of moon,
Ancient arriors sorrowful and grey
In never-fading shame, yet no cries are heard
Silently they pass
Their one-eyed god is watching,
As they pass thorugh endless forests
They came as earriors from the north,
To claim our shores their own
Enshrouded in lace mist,
Shileds and armour earth stained
The blood of their wounds
Still as crimson as the day it flowed
They are the norse men that failed,
Lost to time forever
Their thirst for war as they came
Was unquenched at their failure
When their dragons burned on our shores,
They werw condamned to sleep
Beneath our starlit heavens...

[Inspired by the tale of Brian Boru (926-1014), Kig of Ireland, who died succesfully defending his kingdom against the invading Vikings at Clontraf in 1014]

[J. Fogarty 12.12.96]
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