Dragonflyer's Ancient Wish Lyrics


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Lyrics to Dragonflyer's Ancient Wish
1. Once upon a time So far away from here This story begins As a hero he was known And that he could save your life But who rescues him? Only followed by A dragon, his only real friend He was on his way Dragonflyer all alone To fight for the right in the world But nowhere to stay Pre-Chorus I But long time ago He had someone To wait for him Refrain I Searching in the oceans And flying through the fight The Dragonflyer?s ancient wish Comes crawling every night Existing as a hero But longing for her love The Dragonflyer?s ancient wish Flies with him high above 2. All the beauty girls Are on their knees but he?s Interested in his girl Modest hero crying on Another so lonely day Alone in the world He reached all the things That men dream about, got heroic Deeds in poetry His worship was a curse For him and his broken heart Hated immortality PreChorus II All alone in time He had no-one To wait for him Bridge Holding her once again Feels like an unending dream Though so hopeless it seems His search will always go on He?ll find her Refrain II Venerable hero His sorrow he can?t show The Dragonflyer?s ancient wish Was found so long ago A broken hearted story A search that always fails The Dragonflyer?s ancient wish A neverending tale

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