Lyrics to Downtown Blues
Downtown Blues Video:
I've been drinking
Thinking 'bout going downtown
Eyes are blinking
I'm sinking into a brown-out
We get to the stars Through bars, emotions spoken
Late nights and last calls in gross stalls
I'm feeling broken

I'm tired
I know just about
Every little move you make
This fire, (mmhmm)
Is spreading round,
Burning everything that in its way

How can I blame this town
When I am guilty too?
I've let them heavy thoughts
Leave me feeling blue

As months slip by
I find I'm feeling older
This dream in my mind will die
If I can't hold her
She's left it to me to be
The one who's stronger
Why can't she just stay
And lay a little longer?

I'm lonely and I'm getting sick
Of staying up so late at night
You're the only star in my sky shining,
Making darkness bright

But if your light fades
I know what I will do
Sleep with heavy thoughts
And wake up feeling blue
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