Down With The Ship Lyrics

Danny Michel

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Lyrics to Down With The Ship
Down With The Ship Video:
Farewell to gloomy Sunday
So long to slip'n'slide
Say "night" to Mr. Goodbar
No more Mr. Shine
Shipwrecked on fuzzy Monday
Sunburnt on vodka lime
Hey Mr. Salmonella
Hung over one more time
I'm gonna show
You'll be so surprised
I'm gonna fix it so we never leave alive
I'm going down with the ship this time

You set sail for Sunny Monday
I punched holes in your hull
No more Mr. Nice Guy
No more Mr. Gull
You're too old to know the lingo
You're too young to cause it harm
Hey ho Mr. Goodbar
Make way for Mr. Charm

I got something for you
So just close your eyes
I'm gonna full it fill
With bitter blue good-byes
I'm going down with the ship this time

Well I'm up to my next and the tide's come in
And the sun has set to a sailor's hymn
And the nautical bones of 1000 souls
Sleep on the ocean floor as the timpani roll
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