Lyrics to Down Side Of Up
Found myself in the back of the car
Once again I'm forgetting my bags
But then your man, he called and said
That things don't always go to plan

He can't make it today 'cause he's workin'
You fall and you feel like you're hurtin'
It's over, you know it for certain
But the look on your face is concernin'

'Cause you don't know, know, my name
But you don't know, know, my name

I don't really think that it's workin'
Feelin' like I'm droppin' a ball
Even though you're putting the work in
I'm busy when you give me a call

There's only so much I can say
So if you're down to play
I guess you can have it your way
If that's okay

There's no rules for the day
Feeling home but away
Are you leavin' right now
Just outta nowhere

No need to watch for nothing
Take it slow, I'll give you something
I'm not much but I'm not bluffing
I [?]

Know, know, my name
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