Lyrics to Down
Down Video:
ohnny wanted to check out...out.
Heard he blew his brains right out...out.
Not even a week after Elliot (end was hectic, but was so poetic.)
Poor Johnny, never the luck, for even in your passing, you are judged.

I got a smile on my face. Make no mistake, I'm a phoney, yeah, I'm fake. I'm Down, Down Baby.
If you see me walking by, never look me in the eye.
Wonder when the well ran dry...I'm Down, Down Baby.

Oh Yeah, go on an tell me how things'll change, like ya done just yesterday.

Mothers getting older
Imagined a life so different.
How I apologize.
Momma gonna lay all your bets on me...uh oh.
Well I'll try a little harder, but I never gave up- this life gave up on me.
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