Lyrics to Down
Down Video:
I'm the king of good excuses. I'm the best at making me feel useless. I can make it February all year
Long. I'm the dice that rolls a seven. I'm the sinner who tries to sneak into heaven. Out of place in a
Place I want to belong. Some times I think. Some times I don't. Maybe I think too much. Maybe I've
Stretched my luck. Maybe I'm lost in my mind all of the time counting all the ways I've let you down
I'm the words you wish you said. I'm the monster living under your bed. But all I really wanna do is
Tuck you in. Maybe I've said too much . Maybe I've messed this up. Maybe I'm lost in my mind all of
The time. Counting all the ways I've let you down. I won't be surpised when you disappear and erase this
I'm just a thing that everyone replaces
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