Lyrics to Down In Virginia
Down In Virginia Video:
Well, I don't know why I always go for the unreachable
Sometimes my head is so cluttered with da-my-dear's
I must seem unteachable

Last night I fell in love and this morning I just feel sad
Thinking about all that I lost and once had

Down In Virginia visiting true friends
Trying my best to put on a smile for their new friends
But my heart is aching for what they took down here
Always aching for something that I have some other year

There have been obstacles, but I've had it better than most
Death doesn't scare me much, so many of my friends are ghost's

If all the pain I feel is the price of life then I'll pay
'Cause it's getting to be a part of me now and you can't just take it away

I used to think it was good enough just to be here
But holding my place in this old race seems harder each year
And emptying down a brown bottle don't make it clear
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