Lyrics to Down For Whatever
Down For Whatever Video:
(feat. Lil' Joker, Silencer)

[OG Spanish Fly]
What's up ese
It's that vato OG Spanish Fly
Chilling with Lil' Joker off that 805
Silencer coming from that 619
Anyone got a problem with that can eat a fat dick

[OG Spanish Fly]
This is for the drug dealers, hustlers, busters get no love
When you see me rolling through your hood you'll catch me on some dubs
Spanish Fly, Mad Dog, Maniac it's all the same
I be flipping off the cops in my hood, it ain't no thang
This some baller shit, bump it loud when you're in your ride
If you got a hundred thousand on it, bums I wonder why
Don't trip potatoe chip, get your clientele and sell
Make as much money in a day and you'll do well
To the thugs, keep it gangsta rolling in a coupe
Me and my homey Mad Dog, we stacking loot
This is Low Profile, we run this motherfucker
From SD to Osland, no need to roll with suckers
It's 2000 now and we keep it for the streets
We bumping and banging, and mashing to some gangster beats
We keep it real, we pack that steel
Maniac, Mad Dog, we out to make some bills

[Chorus x2: Lil' Joker]
Oh please, we stack cheese, fool we make cheddar
Low Profile, no one can do it better
We keep balling, banging serving you heat
Real ass G's who you wanna be

[Lil' Joker]
Well now we're rolling, holding, loc'ing, homey tossing up the gang sign
Mad Dog, Maniac, two locos on a hoo-ride, g-slide
Laced in a Coupe DeVille
Wicked motherfuckers with some juice to spill
Can I thrill, chill with some real G hustlers
Gang-bang thugsters, got you roughed up huh
Dubs in the pocket, homey back up off it
Low Profile, Royal put me up on it
As I come with flows, rolls, rhymes, and one lines
Homey put it down 805 to 619
Maniac my waniac, homey where you at
He got a fat sack, homey light it in the back
Cuz the one time knows I'm from out of town
But I blend in smooth cuz my color is Brown
So keep hustling homey, gotta make them ends
Mad Dog, Maniac, in the game till we win

[Chorus x2]

What's up now ese, Silencer coming at you
You wanna test mine, if you do then I'll snatch you
Southern Cali baby, making money all day
Smoking marijuana with my thugs all day
Anyways, back to the verse
I continue to dispose all the enemies and foes
Rolling deep in a blue '63
A crazy motherfucker wearing locs, that's me
I'm creeping around in Diego
I'm coming around with an arrow
I'm down for San Diego, tu no sabes like a pencil
Mi sueƱo es malo, strap the hollow
I'm the Silencer y yo controlando
Soldados on a mission, there is no competition
You better keep away, you wanna be like me, keep wishing
I'm the Silencer so fuck the rest
As to all you motherfuckers, bitch fuck the rest

[Chorus x2]
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