Lyrics to Dowager's Egg
Dowager's Egg Video:
Disorder, disorder
The time snaps inside the memory
Twist the knife of slavery
Force the knowledge of many things, the reason gives
A silent hand me down, insanity
Whispers things I do not need
To panic stricken, no resolve
Will solve decay
Collapse the reason to survive
Inside the set of none too tight
Restrict, reset calamity
Eye the prize resist the claim to judge the one
Whose voice is louder than the screams of poverty

Disorder, disorder
Believe, hear, feel, think
Don't destroy the process against the crowd
The proud control the destiny
Of things to come
Tear away the media
Hypodermic cleanse the spirit
Distort the senses
Everything is sad faces
Looking from the dark
To survive in madness for the few
The one, the god
Retaliate the hate
Comes from us manipulate
The game they play break the pain
Bring faith to everything you touch
The feeling of disorder
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