Lyrics to Double Barrel
Double Barrel Video:
(feat. DJ Revolution)

[KRS-One:] (Buck-buck-buck-buck booyaka shot)

[Verse 1: Torae]
Nigga, the beast is back
With booth work to decrease the wack
Or increase the fat, hip-hop is not deceased, in fact
The real shit started creepin back
Y'all the least spectacular spittin it
You niggas still ain't gettin it
Nigga, the difference is indifferent
They all say they in the studio rippin it
But after the first spin of they album sick of it
And that's why me and Marco got into this
We want to give 'em a record that make 'em reminisce
But still show we the future far as beats and sick spitteral
Lyrically literal, y'all prepared for this?
We double barrel, two shots from a loaded clip
And both equal in value as far as what you get
He and on the snare and kick, I'm on the pen and pad airin it
We had three deals before they could hear this shit

[Hook: Torae]
Double barrel
[N.W.A:] (Yeah)
Whatever you thought get it away, this is what's goin on
This is not the same garbage from a typical song
This right here is where the music belong
Can we move it along?

[DJ Revolution]
[Prodigy:] (Fully loaded)
[Method Man:] (Double barrel)
[MOP:] (What what)
(That boom bap)
(Read to hit)
[Kool G Rap:] (Buck-buck, take that with you)
[N.W.A:] (Yeah)
[Onyx:] (Yeah son)
[Billy Danzine:] (You-you-you know the drill)
[Chuck D:] (Hardcore)
[Method Man:] (Double barrel)

[Verse 2: Torae]
From the time you hear the track go (Ploooow!), you know what it's fittin to be
Type of shit that you put on repeat
This shit feel so Brooklyn when it play in your jeep
You might find a burner under your seat
A ashtray full of weed, that's the vibe we recorded on
A fresh skully Champion hood and [? ] on
40 belows, Long John's, that's what Tor's on
You rap niggas been on my dick, now your whores is on
I been nice since BBD made that Poison song
And dude's alright, but why he let his boys get on?
They gon flood the airwaves with them corny songs
Niggas gotta wait till 2 in the morn for Tor get on
It's like that now but won't be like that for long
We gon make the tide change like the beach is stormin
And any time you got me and MP performin
Fans gon stay on they feet like the seats is gone

[Hook: Torae]

[DJ Revolution:]
[Prodigy:] (Fully loaded)
[Method Man:] (Double barrel)
[MOP:] (What what)
(That-that boom bap)
(Read to hit you)
[Kool G Rap:] (Buck-buck, take that with you)
[N.W.A:] (Yeah)
[Onyx:] (Yeah son)
[Onyx:] (Keep you on the run)
[Billy Danzine:] (You know-know the drill)
(Reach for the sky)
[Method Man:] (Double barrel)
[MOP:] (What what)
[AZ:] (Bringin the ruckus like some mad motherfuckers)
[Billy Danzine:] (And of course I hit you)
(Ready to shoot up)
[Kool G Rap:] (Take that with you)
[Chuck D:] (Hardcore style)
(Boom bap)
[Billy Danzine:] (Fuck the pistol)
[Prodigy:] (Fully loaded)
[Method Man:] (Double barrel)
[MOP:] (What what)
(Move through these streets)
[Lil' Fame:] (Put holes in your jeep)
[N.W.A:] (Yeah)
[Onyx:] (Yeah son)
(It's goin down)
[Lil' Fame:] (Heavy artillery in my facility)

[Verse 3: Torae]
Nigga, I spits all over the booth
And got shit all over the booth
And that mean it's all over for you
It's no secret, it's all over the news
It's on the net and all over the 'Tube
We all over you dudes
You number one downloadable?
That make you number one target to hold a few
I know dudes that wanna put a few holes in you
And they only chill cause I told 'em to

[Hook: Torae]

[DJ Revolution cuts up]
[Method Man:] (Double barrel)
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