Lyrics to Double Ahhnold
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Answer Machine: Hi, you've reached Tim Lambesis. I'm not here right now, so leave me a message

Arnie 1: Hello there. How are you? I was thinking about double brutal and realized, we need to get started writing songs now! Come meet me at the graphic arts class room so we can practice.

Arnie 2: Wait, wait, wait, hello? hello who is this? You are not the real Arnold. I am the real Arnold.

Arnie 1: No! You are not! You're my clone running round trying to be me.

Arnie 2: Of course I'm the real Arnold you idiot. I'm at Tims house standing right next to him when he answered the phone. I know you. I heard you about you being mr funny guy with your jokes and all that about being the gummy bear of Caligornia and working out and your song titles. Well its not funny anymore!

Arnie 1: Thats what an identical clone would say. Prove it. You sound like an old man!

Arnie 2: Of course I sound older than you you idiot! I'm 62 year old and totally angry! urgh you sound like me when I was 18. I see Tim standing right over there. You know that that girly man with his long hair and his colourful tattoos right aha ha ha ha ... exactly!

Arnie 1: There's only room for one. And I am the real Arnold!! Arrgh!

Arnie 2: Oh Stop it!! I will crush you!

Arnie 1: You are nothing!!

Arnie 2: I will burn your eyes out with my schtogi you idiot! uugh!!

Arnie 1: Drinking choir boy!

Arnie 2: Come hear me! Hear me now! Rhaarr!!

(Thanks to Mark Vandervelden for these lyrics)
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