Lyrics to Doppelganger
Doppelganger Video:
we walk together
one as one
a new existence
has begun
and when i stumble
he steps in
and fills the gap
an evil twin
i follow you
you follow me
there's no difference to see
you get the blame
for what i do
-noone believes you
your carelessness
will set me free
i will be you
you will be me
i take your honour
i take your fame
all in your name
all in your name
i kiss your lover
play the game
all in your name
all in your name
a dark companion
on my track
a dark companion
behind my back
and when i turn
- he disappears
i'm left alone
with nagging fears
your carelessness...(cont.)
i take your honout...(cont.)
always on your mind
always by your side
always close behind
i follow you...(cont.)
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