Lyrics to Doot Da Doot
Doot Da Doot Video:
I saw you and wahoo!
I just had to have you for my own
And yikes, I was psyched and
My head spun around like a cyclone
And who'd have thought a girl like me
Could find a boy like you?
When I'm looking back now
I just can't believe how the time's flown
When we met â?? that's the day I can't forget
When we touched â?? never know I'd feel this much
When we kissed â?? it could only be described as bliss
You're the one for me undeniably, whoa
Doot da doot da doot doot da doo da doot
It's sweet and it's funny
I'm feelin so sunny from your love
Wouldn't think of quitting
Cuz so far, it's fitting like a glove
And who'd have thought a brat like me
Could find a prince like you?
You're silly and clever
And I just can't ever get enough
When I'm feelin crappy
I'm blue and unhappy
You know how to cheer me
Always want you near me
I'm flakey, I babble
I'm lousy at Scrabble
You don't care, you love me
And all the parts of me
It's light and it's breezy
Loving you is easy
You're soft and you're squishy
Your eyebrows are bushy
You're simply so dreamy
You gotta forgive me
I can't help but stare
No one could compare
When we met â?? that's the day I can't forget
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