Lyrics to Don't Wait Up
Don't Wait Up Video:
Flying half-mast overcast with a gun ship grey
You ever hear of such a thing
A spring with no month of May?

Ooooh there's frost on Memorial Day
Oh love, I'm half-blind
Could you please help me find my way?

I chewed all the fun from my gum
Waiting for a train
Fell prey to those thoughts that come
When you're caught in the rain

Ooooh I'm on the edge
I'm in the yellow paint
Oh love, I'm half-mad
Let's hope that means I'm half-sane

The touch of your lips
A lunar eclipse, so soft
And yet this river of doubt
The spout that I can't turn off

Ooooh I want your flu, baby
Not just your cough
Please make me a man
Not this sham whom love leaves lost

Staring out at the church
At the pigeons perched in the leaves
Wondering what might have been had I not fallen in with thieves

Ooooh could you make that a double please?
Oh love, it's late don't wait up for me
Oh love, it's late don't wait up for me
Don't wait up
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