Don't Turn His Crushed Face On Me Lyrics

Dead Infection

A Chapter Of Accidents

Lyrics to Don't Turn His Crushed Face On Me
Don't Turn His Crushed Face On Me Video:
John and Marylin were a happy couple. They's been together for five years.
Just like every morning John get up to do shopping. marylin and their
2-years-old son were still asleep. 10 minutes went by. Marylin was woken up by
a loud crash. She looked out of the window and saw people gather in front of
here house. She ran ouside. She looked at a man lying on the street. At his
clothes, at his shopping bag. That was John. A policemen turned John's face
on Marilyn. She puked. John's brain flowed out through his eyesockets and
ears. There was the cause of the accident standing near to John's body. A
goods truck that was. John's eyeballs stuck to the car's tires. She couldn't
bear such a sight.
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