Lyrics to Don't Tread On Me
Don't Tread On Me Video:
Theres a sun settin' on the horizon
And we're running full speed with guns
Some make it and others get burnt up
So we're gonna make sure we're the ones
With the one way ticket outta here
'Cause we been twenty years down
We want guitars not a suit or shovel
To get out of vampire town

Don't tread on me

'Cause we're sick and we're tired
And we're running out of fuel
So take this song as a so long
'Cause you need us we don't need you

We ain't gonna work for you, no

You're gonna get nothin' done now
Sittin' front a TV screen
So don't complain when we march through your town
If you miss the train when it leaves
Get out anyway that you can now
Burn the pavement under your feet
Come out of hiding the dust is clearing
Ain't no one singing defeat
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