Don't Tell Me How To Live Lyrics

Danger To The System

Danger To The System

Lyrics to Don't Tell Me How To Live
Don't Tell Me How To Live Video:
your bossing me around is killing me
when are you going to finally see
i just want to live my own life
so don't stab me with your knife (ah!)
by always telling me what I've done wrong
now I'm through with you, so long

bitchin me out and telling me about
the way you want my life to be
i know i've done thjings wrong
i've made mistakes but dont we all?
everyone eventually seems to fall
so dont tell me how to live
its my fuckin life so let me live my fuckin life don't tell me how to live!

and dont tell me what to do
because i'm getting sick of you
your lectures are getting old
and now my words are getting cold
i just want to live life while i can
so far in my life, time has ran

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