Lyrics to Don't Stutter
Don't Stutter Video:
Oh I could just start rambling on about on,
about how long it took for you to move along.
And I could scratch and bitch every time my heart was into you,
but that would be wrong.

So I, I just you know.
I really should starting letting it go.
But I, I just you know.
Now I really should start letting you go.

I cant believe that this is how Im living.
I cant breathe without time leaving.
And this time I wanna

Hear you say you cared.

Theres no sound thats as soothing like the sound of you losing.
Now youre losing. Oh youre losing me.
And I wanna hear you say it.
I wanna hear you say it,
I wanna hear you say it,
I wanna

Well theres no way around letting you out.
There are so many things that I think about,
with so many ways to shout.
And If I give back well, then all the hurt,
I know will be temporary an the mess will all be hers.

Dont say you care
(why not show it)

I just gotta start letting you go.
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