Lyrics to Don't Stop Swaying
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I saw you there
All I wanted was to start with you
Was the hardest thing I ever had to do
Till I made you care

Yo brother
You sure heard me
Banging on the big drums for your love
You called me baby then
Talked to me like your best friend
When the time was right you were so good
Asked me what I like
And I said

Don't stop swaying baby
You soothe my soul and I stop searching
When I get lost in the rhythm
Everything stops hurting
Don't stop swaying baby
Take it slow and I keep yearning

Again I fall
Lighter than the morning dew
'Cause I always never knew
What I'm stumbling on

Yo sister
You sure heard me
Singing in the rain for some love
You took me unaware
Said things to make me care
Now the time is ripe and you're so good
Ask me what I like and I say


Hansel and Gretel are holding hands deep in the forest.
They are lost. This is their own story. The two have fallen in love, and so,
after a long quietness amidst the creatures of the night, they begin to kiss.
Traveling like heat through each other's bodies,
they pass through centuries of insecurity and into a rhythm where they are not afraid.

Mamma has led these children into the wild unknown for reasons, known,
with father's help, of course, they tried very hard to get back home,
but of course, they could not.
And so, they find themselves through the darkness, through the sadness,
making love, making peace, making music.
They find themselves, through the chaos, making sense.
This is what they want. This is who they are. These are the things they need
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