Don't Say A Thing Lyrics

David Lehr

Daisy EP

Lyrics to Don't Say A Thing
Don't Say A Thing Video:
And life has ups and downs
And it can spin round and round
I made certain chocies, and made it this way
and all along away the way i say
if you can't take the heat,
then stay away from me

Now don't you say a thing, I have all that i need
My friends, they make me happy,
But you, you make me sad.
And all along the way you say
That you can't take the heat,
You can't wait for me,
I can't give you want you need,
So you stayed away from me.

Now what can I say?
It's life at it's most confusing moments
And I feel the light in me
And I feel the light in my darkness is finally turning on.

(Thanks to morgan lynne for these lyrics)
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