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Second Hand Smoke

Lyrics to Don't Push (Shs Version)
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Stolen from an African land,
and chased out with a knife.
With a face like Bob Marley,
and a mouth like a motor bike
Oh well the bars are always open,
and the time is always right.
And if God's good word goes unspoken,
the music goes all night

And it goes...
If i was Bob Marley I said could you be loved
If I was half pint I'd ball lord up above
If I was Mike Tyson I'd look for a fight
If I was a Boomtown Rat I would be stayin up all night
IF I was the king Ad-Rock i would get stupid dumb
If rhymes were valiums I'd be comfortably numb

If I had a shotgun, know what I'd do,
I'd point it straight up at the sky,
and shoot heaven on down for you.
Because the bars are always open,
and the time is always right.
And if God's good word goes unspoken,
the music goes all night.
And it goes:

I want a lover, I can't find the time.
I want a reason, I can't find the rhyme.
I want to start some static, but I can't afford,
to hit the ground like I fell off my skateboard, hey.
Now a days as clear as you please,
get strapped with protection or strapped with disease.
Laughter, it's free, any time just, call me.
438-4836 'cuz your down with Sublime you get
funky fresh lyrics, you get nuff lyrics.
Stolen from an african land,
I was chased out of the bar.
And Ice is my best friend tonite
so don't push me too far.

I gonna run come down with the new lyrics,
get hit, get hip, don't slip you knuckle heads.
Racism is scism on a serious tip.
You don't believe me I go and bust your lip. Hey.
I hear the mountain, it hard to climb.
Rougher the rhythm, then it must be Sublime.
Listen Bud Gaugh yea he's right on time. Come listen Eric Wilson drop the funky bassline.
Base........Mmmmm.........Come in Bud.
Lord have his grilled cheese.

This the kinda rhythm make you wanna explode.
Not like doin' coke and shooting, not like taking a load.
Because I'm one stylee, stand rough and rugged.
I keep my body strong, clean and ....

People wanna come up and they want tell me smokin crack cocaine better than sensi
Something, something, something.....
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