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Lyrics to Dont Lose Heart
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Holding your neck while the Fuzz and the Feds
Are detaining your grandson for drugs
Who would have thought that man he'd become
Would look just like the grandfathers son

Some would suggest that the past is the past
And that wisdom exonerates youth
But who would have thought that the shit you got into
Could find its way back under your roof

I've seen the system, Darling
I've fed this hungry machine
I want my family, Darling
Not to see the things that I've seen
I want the unprotected
I want to see what I dream
I want the inconvenience
I hope you see that

When you find that love isn't what you thought
Don't lose hope, don't lose heart

I fell much faster, but she fell much further
Inevitably breaking her heart
Haunted by memories that she cannot shake
But her ghost has not darkened my door
Darling, I pray that my heart soon would change
If I'm failing to see what you are

All I have I would give
If for a second just to hold you
I pray, My Love, you forgive
Any time I didn't hold you close

When you find yourself lying there alone
Don't forget what a dream you are
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